Demonstration chess board № 3

Demonstration chess board № 3

Brand: «Гамбит»
Product Code: 3
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Price: 1 400.00грн.
Professional demonstration chess board made in Ukraine.
General characteristics:
Produced and used in Ukraine's largest chess club «Gambit». The unique technology is superior to their foreign counterparts. Lightweight and durable. Surface quality laminated, figures do not scratch the surface. Reusable packaging of this product allows to transport without damage demonstration board. Ideal for chess clubs in schools and kindergartens.
Technical data:
- The size of square 80 mm;
- The size of the board: 770х780 mm, folded 770х390 mm;
- Weight: 4.0 kg.
Material: Plastic, galvanized.
Note: Demonstration in chess are not supplied and must be ordered separately on our website!
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