About shop

In our shop collected products which are used in  modern chess club  "Gambit". We are proud of the quality of our equipment and therefore want to make it available to everyone.
How to choose chess?
We recommend not to chase the beautiful, often fanciful sets. Even in such an expensive gift Chess in the best case will gather dust on a shelf, and at worst - will break at the first game. When choosing a gaming kit professionals pay attention to such indicators:
1) The classic form of figures;
2) Practical chess board (weight, size of fields, colors);
3) Comfort and durability of the packaging;
4) Low price;
5) For training of children  no sharp, small details.
How to teach a child to play chess?
Unfortunately, a good manual chess not easy to find. Old books boring, and new revelations are weak and not interesting. That is why we have worked to compile the recommendations of leading chess trainers of Ukraine and created their own training program for beginners and players 4-3 levels. The complete each level consists of two books: " Trainers's Guide" and "Workbook for the student." Especially useful  our achievements to  chess clubs coaches in schools.
What is necessary for chess club at school?
You will need:
1) Demonstration chessboard;
2) 10-15 sets of chess;
3) Manual for Trainers (1 pc.) And 20-30 workbooks for students.
Khaetskij Roman Aleksandrovich,
head coach of the chess club "Gambit"
coach of Ukraine,
International Chess Master.