The book "The Sicilian Gambit or the Mafia Is Immortal"

The book "The Sicilian Gambit or the Mafia Is Immortal"

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The debut mini-monograph "The Sicilian Gambit or the Mafia is Immortal" (by R. Blagut) was written for children, but adults also read it with pleasure. It is very difficult to present such a dynamic opening 1.е4 с5 2.b4 !? in an entertaining way, but the author succeeded brilliantly!

The Sicilian Gambit is a debut for those who love live double-edged play, for fearless fighters who are not lazy to count options. It is widely used by the largest chess club in Ukraine "Gambit". The material is intended for training and consolidation of knowledge from the 4th grade level to the CCM. The text contains a lot of verbal comments, advice and chess humor!

If you want to learn how to attack and teach your child to do it, this book is a must-have!

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Production Ukraine.

Russian language.

Number of pages: 100

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