Methodical training set of chess literature № 1.

Methodical training set of chess literature № 1.

Brand: «Гамбит»
Product Code: 1
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Price: 80.00грн.
Set published and used by the largest Ukrainian chess club «Gambit». The unique development team of experienced chess trainers and practitioners, under the overall guidance of the coach of Ukraine R.A.Khaetsky. The course is designed to train from the beginner. Techniques feature in complete synchronization of educational material in the «Manual for Trainers» with homework in the «Workbook student». During the 28 lessons the child not only learn to play chess, but in a playful way to fix the received knowledge. In the standard schedule chess clubs (2 sessions per week with a vacation) this material will last for six months training.
Professional set of methodical teaching chess literature.
Production Ukraine.
It consists of two books: «Manual for Trainers», «Workbook (Level 1)».
Language: Ukrainian.
Weight: 300 gr.
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